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Stourbridge Stumble

Stourbridge Stumble is one of our club races which we host each year, starting from Mary Stevens Park in Stourbridge.

The Stumble is an approximately 10k multi-terrain race which is run on a Saturday evening in August and uses part of the same course as the Stagger.  We also host a fun run in the park grounds which is completed shortly before the Stumble starts

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Please note

We’re sorry to announce Stourbridge Stumble 2019 will not be taking place again this year but we are still in discussion with changing the race to which we will announce further details at the end of the year.

We do have alternative club race Bridge to Bridge via Port 34 mile ultra race on Saturday 28th September for solo entrants and relay teams for up to 4 members per team. For more details please see our website and click on our races.

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Stourbridge RC