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Keeping adults safe from abuse and neglect

The purpose of the new procedure is to ensure that all members of the club are free from bullying, abuse and exploitation and that they can report any concerns safely and discreetly, and be confident those concerns are dealt with in a professional manner.

A web page has been created to act as a means to understanding what abuse is and what can be done if you feel concerned for yourself or other members in the club. It also links to Dudley M.B.C. Adult Safeguarding website and resource centre.

Our procedures are applicable for Adults. This is because we are an 18+ club and does not encourage under 18’s into the club. We do not have the facilities, training and DBS checks to support children in the club.  However, we accept that there are times when a club parent may bring along the child. In such cases it must be raised and discussed with the Chairperson and Safeguarding officer.

Please click here for our safeguarding procedure.

It is genuinely hoped that this procedure will never need to be used, but if it is we hope that all club members will have a means by which to make their concerns known safely, discreetly and with a professional response.

Dudley Safeguarding
Council House
Priory Road

For children:
0300 555 0050
For adults:
0300 555 0055

or complete the online form on the website  
Any further queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our safeguarding officer please email me