Stourbridge Running Club had a good turnout at this week's Worcestershire midweek series at Redditch. Runners completed the off-road 12 km course in warm conditions but still managed some good times. Pete Walters was first back for Stourbridge in 49:43, beating Tom Isherwood by a second in a sprint finish. Alistair McIntosh was next in 56:22, followed by Dave Sheppard in 57:28, Mark Lawton in 58:39, Kevin Burke in 59:56, Joan Clarke in 1:02:31, John Coyne in 1:05:29, Phil Elwell in 1:06:29, Paul Bradley in 1:07:14 and Richard Dawson in 1:07:29.

The Shrewsbury half marathon took place in even warmer conditions, but Richard Lowther managed to complete the 13 mile course in 1:29:11.

Stourbridge Running Club had a variety of outings at the weekend. At the Cobra Classic, runners took on a tough multi-terrain course which included the monument at Wychbury Hill, Trevor Osborne was first back for Stourbridge in 39.59. Louise Collins was second lady in 43.37, followed by Guy Carpenter in 45.08, Chris Ashcroft in 46.05, Jon Taylor in 55.32 and Stephen Bloomer in 58.34.

At the Severn Valley Trail Run, previous winner Tom Isherwood came fourth in 42.19 and Alastair Mcintosh finished in 52.10.
At the Avenger triathlon, Tim Lloyd-Langston finished the standard distance in 3.14.48 while James Bellamy finished the middle distance event in 5.45.52 and Tim Bailey in 5.56.54.

Liverpool and London were popular destinations for Stourbridge runners this weekend, with Ian Whyatt completing the Rock and Roll Marathon in 4.06.39 and Wendy Bourne running the half marathon in 2.19.39 and Ruby Ooi finishing in 3.12.31. At the London 10k, Jon Taylor finished in 53.58.

Steve Moss completed his first Marathon just breaking the 5 hour mark. Running around Lake Coniston, the Stourbridge Running Club member ran the Lakeland Trail Marathon in 4.57.05.

The first race of the Worcestershire midweek series was held at Hagley's Haybridge High School. Runners completed a two lap 10k course through woods, mud, hills and sandy banks. First back for Stourbridge was Trevor Osborne in 37.19. Pete Walters finished in 40.19, followed by Steven Burch 45.06, Chris Ashcroft 45.28, Alistair McIntosh 46.42, Adam Crompton 47.18, Kevin Burke 48.32, Ian Whyatt 50.01, Bob Hopkins 50.02, Joan Clarke 50.54, John Coyne 51.27, Paul Bradley 53.02, Jon Taylor 53.45, Philip Elwell 54.34, and Andy Bernasconi 56.42.
At the Worcester half Marathon, Rob Woodward finished 1.39.03, followed closely by Chris Ashcroft in 1.39.52 & Jon Taylor in 1.58.23.