Stourbridge STAGGER 2020 – Results

//Stourbridge STAGGER 2020 – Results

Stourbridge STAGGER 2020 – Results

hank you so much for taking part in the Stourbridge Stagger 2020 race yesterday. The race results are now available please click here

We are aware that there were some issues with the chip timing strips becoming detached due to the mud and water in the course. This is the first time we have used chip timing so it is very much a learning curve and one which will be looked at next year. Tempo Events did have a back up system in place and did record the race, so if find your results are missing please email Tempo direct and they should be able to find you on their system.

If you are a regular attendee for the Stagger race, you will have noticed that the return route was changed slightly and runners returned back across the field opposite the park instead of returning via the road. Although this added approximately 200 metres onto the overall route, these changes were implemented for health and safety reasons.

We do have some lost property with some headphones being left behind if they are yours please let us know via email and we will get them back to you.

We hope you enjoyed the race and will come back again next year. If you have any feedback to give, this would be gratefully received.

Stourbridge Running Club

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