Bridge’ to bridge’ via ‘Port 2018

///Bridge’ to bridge’ via ‘Port 2018

Bridge’ to bridge’ via ‘Port 2018

Thank you to everybody involved in Saturday’s race. I have attached the results but be aware these may not be totally accurate. Due to rain, ink & paper not being a good mix (or maybe they are a good mix!!) some times are missing and some may be wrong due to being smudged. I’m fairly confident the final times are accurate. If you recorded your time and would like it amended please let me know.

Many of you have expressed appreciation for our brilliant marshals, thank you for that.

Please click here for the results 2018.

I’d also like to thank our Sponsors: Sponmech Safety Systems, Enville Ale & Spar Wollaston. Your generosity makes a great difference to our races.

See you all soon.

Bob Hopkins

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