We Want to form a Race Sub Committee

//We Want to form a Race Sub Committee

We Want to form a Race Sub Committee

We on the committee cannot stress enough, the importance THE STAGGER plays, in the financial health of the club. (THE STUMBLE usually makes a small loss.) THE STAGGER accounts for over 63% of the club’s income and 100% of any financial surplus the club has. This surplus contributes to club events including, our race teams, many social events like camping and coach trips, club B.B.Q.’s, Christmas events and our charitable giving. It has contributed to our weekly food bill and kept our membership fees low. As Mark Carney, Head of the Bank of England, was heard to say,“it’s to big to fail”(fake quote)

In truth we are, at the present time, a little exposed because we let one person run the event with little transfer of knowledge and skills. That person is no longer with us and we need to pick this up and make it happen. We acknowledge that all members play a part in making this race a success. However we need to change our approach to putting on this important race.

We would like to form a sub committee which will act as a “team”, to oversee the management of all future club race events. Ideally there would be three “directors” who would make up this team. They would call on other members to help in different areas. In fact much like it is presently organised.

Remember, we are only requesting that you “organise” it all but not “do” it all

The benefits of a team based approach are:-

Work load can be shared.

Redundancy in terms of knowledge and experience.

Rotation of people (perhaps only committing to 3/5 races)

We intend to create a job description, (sorry to sound pompous). So don’t worry we won’t drop you in the (x@xt)……………………………………………………………………………deep end.

If you are interested in being part of this very important team, and making a massive contribution to the club, then can you let one of the committee know by 30th May 2018 or email me.

Thanks for your support.

John Harris (Club Chairman)

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